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Wickedraspberryzinfindel2 by Howl-n-Hart
My girl here has the wrong background (she needs the submissive bg) so I can't submit her to the group yet, but even worse is that I can't switch the background because my original SAI file was saved on a USB drive that has been lost... Can anyone possibly do me a favor and impose her on the correct background for me?? I'd be eternally grateful!
I know I've been gone for EVER....
My grandfather passed away and I've been living in BFE while I'm acting as caretaker for his estate. But I finally got internet AND a tablet so now I can be connected again!!! WOOOOOOO!!! Fawnlings, I will be making my characters all active again! If there is anyone from the fawnlings group that has or had rps with my characters, comment here!

Beserkir (currently on loan)



Ladies and Gentle Artistes!

I'd like to introduce you to a VERY DEAR friend of mine that is NEW to the DeviantArt Community!!

Her name is Shay, AKA Amaranth :iconsilencingdesire:

Smells like flowers and laziness  by SilencingDesire    Blood and Water by SilencingDesire   Amaranth full body ref by SilencingDesire
Indominus Rex Concept by SilencingDesire  Lust for War by SilencingDesire   .: Shadowstar :.  by SilencingDesire
.: Galaxies :. by SilencingDesire
I IMPLORE you to go check out her gallery and help welcome her to the DA family!!
 Help her get involved in groups and give tips/advice regarding commissions! I do believe she is open for them now!! And to my AMAZING friend
:iconsinscreation: I TOTALLY think you and Amaranth should do some collabwork for your girl Stella! XD Im sure she would LOOOOVE to make some new friends!!
Hello Lovelies!
So yeah, I am starting an ARP Group, and since I have never had one before, I'd like to reach out to my friends and find out if
anyone out there would have an interest in taking part and helping to moderate it. This group will run similarly to Fawnlings,
Tokos, Minkins, Etc, with a base species (the nature of which I will divulge in private with anyone interested) that can be bought
in auctions, bred, etc.
As with many other groups, this species will evolve and gain complexity through artwork and literature. I'm very excited and think the
species will be very popular once we get the ball rolling! If you'd like to be part of something new and fun... and eventually huge, please comment or note me here!!

^_^ That is all, <3 Howl

Hello My Fellow Toko and Fawnling Lovers!!! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I am offering some FANTASTIC stock images of GENUINE ALASKAN LANDSCAPES that are just perfect for references, digital art and manips of Tokotas and/or Fawnlings!!

These images were taken by me and have been uneditted! You can view them all here in one convenient location, my Alaska Stock Folder:…

I will sell use of these images via :points: , USD, TT and art (I.E.-AoA's, hunting images, etc.)

Prices are as follows:
$5 USD
400 :points:
1000 TT
For art, make offer.

If you'd like to purchase use any of my images, simply comment under the image of your choice with your method of payment and I will PM you the stash link of the image (without watermark.)


Hey Guys!! I am doing another round of commissions!!



It can be as a secret gift, someone you believe deserves some awesome love, etc!
The Fawn you pick will receive a FULL BODY DIGITALLY PAINTED REFERENCE.
A Free HEADSHOT of one of your OWN fawnlings!

THAT'S RIGHT! You Pick One, You Get One! This one is a TWO-FER!! ^_^ *dances*

Now, Because this will mean I am doing 1 headshot for every full body, I am limiting this to
3 SLOTS ONLY. (that means 6 pieces of artwork total.)
This is first come first serve... if you don't get a slot this time around, don't worry! I will probably do this again!

Examples of Full Body Refs:
Melindriel for leaky by Howl-n-Hart Orba - Glenmore Doe - Commoner Herbalist (pending) by Howl-n-Hart Desmond for Ace118 by Howl-n-Hart


Name of the Fawnling you've Picked:
A link to their Reference:
Their Owner (if it's a secret gift, you might not want to Link to their name):
Your name:
Your Character you want a headshot of:
A Link to their Reference:

Got it?? GO! Go! GOOOO!!
1. Taken By :iconhayleywolf:
2. Taken by :iconelunatalnae:

3.) Taken By :iconswan107:
BONUS SLOT: Taken by :iconsongbirds-rhapsody:
That's right, I said FREE!

I do not have my usual Manip capabilities at this time, but I will be taking 3 Commissions for full body, digitally colored Fawnling References. Members who currently do not have a reference, New Members, or members without digital painting abilities will come first as priority. 

Please reply in the comments below with the following info:

Character Name:
Character's approved design sheet URL:
Any Details (scars, markings, jewelry, etc.):

Seccan Import #35 by TheSeccanRepository
Hey there all!! ^_^
My mare, Skexi is in desperate need of some plottage!
Help give her something to do! She's not much into friends, but frenemies, enemies, those that can give her intel or barter with her, or be manipulated by her... HIT MEH UP!!

Here is the link to her Bio, giving her herd, personality details, and history!
Skexi|Esmour Herd Member by Howl-n-Hart

I also don't mind if we do an art collab towards rps. ^_^

Hello my darlings!!!! I have Missed You SOOOOO!!!!!
I have FINALLY made my move to Alaska, and have gotten re-settled! This means I am BACK from Hiatus!!
As Such, my following characters are back in Action:
  • Tanwyn :iconmercivorex:
  • Orba
  • Beserkir :iconfemalefred:
  • Lucian :iconstrideroo:

If There have been any changes/updates to plots concerning these characters please contact me ASAP!!

This is my contest Entry for :iconAnya_Boz: Morgul Wolf Room Guardian! I really wish I could have done a more splendid job, but considering the picture was a JPG, with no line-art layers, I am afraid the best way for me to go about it was to hand-color the picture and scan back into the computer. 

This beautiful female Morgul is more than just a concept I came up with. She has been one of my oldest and most revered Roleplay characters. I have lived an entirely different life, vicariously through this girl - MoonGlow.  (I would really really love for her to the little feathers behind her ear and have a little white raven to go with her morgul doll sculpture!! 8D!! <333 But I understand if that is too much to request!)

She was born In-Game, to my character Thunderbone, and his mate BoneClaw, whom together ruled the mountain pack of Solevion on the role-play site She was the first Shamaness to appear in the LC world, and had a Spirit Totem in the form of a white raven as her constant companion. She was wise beyond her years, very kind, and grew to be a most beloved princess. She discovered her Life-Mate and Imprint (A Character named Alcide) and lived through 'The Great Starfall', a time of great cataclysm where a meteor hit LC and completely changed the landscape of the LC world. Many characters died off, including Moonglow's parents. She and Alcide started anew, on the new mountain range now known as Spirane. She finished out her life her, her family's pack having been handed down to the matriarch of each generation until Moonglow was killed, tragically murdered defending her territory from a challenging female. For the first time in many generations, the Mountains no longer belonged to a female of her bloodline. Heart-broken, her Lifemate laid down his life to join her in the sky. But her last born heir- Daenerys- grew up and reclaimed the mountain, restoring the kingdom to it's original legacy.... and continues to rule to this present day. 

This girl was my pride and joy, I still think about her character every day even after her passing. I put so much of myself into her Being, that now she owns a little piece of my Soul all for herself. I would be genuinely honored (And more thrilled than words could ever express) If she were to be molded into a Morgul Creation, to be MY Spirit Totem, and a room guardian to look out for me and my home always!!

Appearance: Moonglow has an ethereal appearance to her. Her eyes are always soft and day-dreamy. Her base coat is a beautifully pale sterling silver, accented by a blue-ish tint, like slate. Her face is framed by a white heart-shaped mask, and a wide obsidian black dorsal stripe travels from right between her shoulder blades to the base of her tail. Her eyes are a luminous amethyst (my birthstone).

Moonglow's Spirit Totem: Moonglow's Totem, or Spirit Guide, is a white raven named Orba. Revered as a divine and sacred spirit because of it's unique color (much like the Native Americans revere white animals such as moose and buffalo) Orba appeared to Moonglow when she went on her Walk-About, transitioning into her role as a full fledged Shamaness, taught her the lessons she needed to learn, and was her constant companion until her death, when Orba mysteriously disappeared.

Moonglow's Grotto: Hidden away in her mountain home, Moonglow's den was a beautiful hidden grotto carved out over thousands of years by ancient glacial ice, the only access to it was through an ice tunnel that born into the heart of the glacier. Her grotto had an open-roof, so sky can light it up, and was eternally warm even through the harshest winters because of a natural hot-spring which bubbled up out of the ground in one corner of the small closed-in glade. Moonglow stores her herbs, medicines, and talismans for healing and shamanic practices in this grotto.

Trinkets: Moonglow wheres a black raven feather and a white raven feather, woven into her fur by Orba, just behind her ear.

Survived By: Orca, Sleekwing, Swallowbane, Ceal (adopted), Taliesin (Adopted), Daenerys (current Alphess), Haven & Idunn

Links to images of Moonglow:
MoonGlow by Dordo   MoonGlow Image by Howl-n-Hart  Click Here

~A brief Timeline and peak into Moonglow's Life~  ( certainly don't expect peple to go reading every single thing that's ever happened to her, but this way you can pick and choose and get a good feel for what she was like. :) ))
***Moonglow' Birth Thread:…

Alcide Joins Solevion:…

***Moonglow & Alcide Meet/Imprint:…

Moonglow and Alcide get to know each other:…


Alcide asks for Thunderbone & Boneclaw's blessing to court Moonglow:……

Alcide and Moonglow Court:……

Alcide and Moonglow's first Litter:…

Meteor Falls --- Boneclaw & Thunderbone Pass ---- 

Moonglow and Alcide take over Spirane:…

***Moonglow's final showdown for Spirane:…

***Moonglow & Alcide's Death:…

(Epilogue) Daenerys, Moonglow's Daughter, reclaims the Mountain:…
Hey everyone, I am posting a Journal here to give you an update on whats going on with me, I have SEVERAL roleplays in the works/ needing wrap-ups, and Im going to tag everyone so that you can get an idea of whats up! First of all, I have a new job. I also just bought a new vehicle. But that came slow and pain-stakingly. My truck engine blew the first week I was training for my new position. I had to struggle finding rides and commuting to work, and at one point was even reduced to hitch-hiking... which I will NEVER do again. 3: As such, I haven't been able to get to all my replies. However, now that I have some wheels, and have settled into my job, you should all start seeing replies from me within the week!! *dances*

:iconfemalefred: Linna & Biscuit - Replied
:iconnikki148: Tanny + Kipande - Replied
:iconmercivorex: Tanny + Eru-Baby! - Replied
:iconnixxily: Lucian + Aulwyn -Replied
:icondodgermd: Orba + Hagen
:iconathena102: Orba + Dall - Replied
:iconleakytrain: Tanny + Eik - Replied
:iconteacupdreams: Orba + Violette - Done??
:iconswan107: Tanny + Syn - Waiting for reply
:iconace118: Lucian + Des / Lucian + Tagg + Ronan + Conan -
:iconstrideroo: Lucian + Tagg + Ronan + Conan -  Waiting on Dyrin
:icongeometric-harmartia: Lucian + Tagg + Ronan + Conan -  Waiting on Dyrin
:icondyrin: Lucian + Tagg + Ronan + Conan-  Waiting on Dyrin
Dyrin, Geo, Strider & Ace, are we still go for this rp? I believe its Conan's turn!

if I've forgotten anyone on the list please reply in comments and I will add you so I can keep track!
Things are changing with my job and I make be starting a new one, during the change-over I may be on away. I WILL be keeping up with my current roleplays in google docs, but some of my artwork may be pu on hold for now. <3 you guys, wish me luck!
One of my favorite Artists on DA :iconmischievousraven: is holding a Spring Time Raffle!! It's super easy to enter, and she does UH-MAZING work!! Just check out these epic pieces!
Geode Cave QuillDog (CLOSED) by MischievousRaven   Comm: A Twilight Escape by MischievousRaven   Comm: Ice by MischievousRaven

If you want a chance to own a piece of her EPIC-SAUCE Art for yourself, Go check out her journal Here! :

<da:thumb id="521191918"/>
Check out my friend's SWEEEEEEET Raffle!! So EASY to enter!! :D

8000 pts raffle
rafflee X3
This Raffle Expires on Thursday, February  12th!!! 
Would you like to WIN this 

Pheonix Phyre - ADOPTABLE PONY RAFFLE! by Howl-n-Hart

A ticket costs only 10 :points: !
When the points are sent, you are automatically entered!

Then Comment below with a link to your Journal! Viola! You are Entered!!

Slot 1.) :icontoxicleopard: 
Slot 2.) :icontoxicleopard: (for Journal)
Slot 3.) :icontoxicleopard: (for Journal)

(Obviously! Toxic leopard!!)

:new: This Raffle Expires on Thursday, February  5th!!! :new:
Would you like to WIN this 

CallioPea Chick -WIN THIS PONY! RAFFLE!! CLOSED!!! by Howl-n-Hart

All you need to do to enter is to FAVORITE this Journal,
then CREATE A JOURNAL advertising my Pony Adoptable Auction here:

<da:thumb id="510257024"/>

Then Comment below with a link to your Journal! Viola! You are Entered!!

1.) :icontoxicleopard:
2.) :iconglitterkits:

:new: :new: CLOSED! CONGRATULATIONS :icontoxicleopard: ! You've WON the Raffle! :new: :new:

Raffle was run through and results reflect as such: by Howl-n-Hart

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Hey there!! I think this would be a great way to promote not only mine and your art, but a lot of other amazing Deviant Artists!!  I'm also throwing in some features that I just REALLY like!! :D


Bullet; Red The first 10 people's avatar commenting this journal, and the three deviations I like most from their gallery will be put on the list below!
Bullet; Red If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place. 
Bullet; Red The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.

1.) :iconxazteiin:
 <da:thumb id="503217618"/> <da:thumb id="488973315"/> <da:thumb id="488634353"/>

2.) :iconartoftheghostie:

 <da:thumb id="508218333"/>  <da:thumb id="488350057"/>  Commission for Xenia by artoftheghostie

3.) :iconpinkietane:

<da:thumb id="504815743"/>  SHINE by PinkieTane  And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad by PinkieTane


1.) :iconaquagalaxy:
  MLP G: Luted by AquaGalaxy   Rainbow Dash by AquaGalaxy  MLP C: keep reaching upward by AquaGalaxy

2.) :iconirisiter:

I Didn't mean it! Wake up! by IrisIter  Playful Celestia Vectorised by IrisIter  Rainbow Dash-S3E7 by IrisIter

3.) :iconp3r0:
Vinyl Scratch: Shattered Mind - 4k Wallpaper by P3r0  Aganar OC - Drawn By Neriani by P3r0  Twilie-bat - 4k Wallpaper + Timelapse Video by P3r0


MLP: Zoey and Dee by Zilleniose  MLP: friendship bracelets yay by Zilleniose  MLP: TRANCE by Zilleniose

5.) :iconedowaado:

Dan vs Bronies Ch 1 - The Grand Plan pt 4 by Edowaado  Rebirth - Cover by Edowaado

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Those of you waiting on Commissions!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2015, 3:46 PM
For those of you waiting on commissions from me!! First, I'd just like to say thank you SOOOOO much for your patience! I understand it's been nearly a month since I posted my journal for open commissions, and I am usually very quick to get my commissions completed! I'd like to apologize for this continued delay in my progress. My computer at home is still acting very sketchy, but I assure you I am still working on your pieces, and I am hoping to have them all finished and posted by the end of January! As you may have noticed, I haven't been able to post even so much as one photo manipulation since my computer started giving me problems in the beginning of December. But not to worry! Come Hell or High Water, I will get them all completed! <33 Again, so sorry for the continued delays.


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin
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