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The DayDream Shatters pt. 3
Featuring Lucian, Drustan and all of Glenmore
The New Oak's Glade
Mid-Autumn, Year 762 of the New Age

The stone beast was too impressively strong to get past. Lucian swung around, struggling through the crowd and out into the forest as he tried to circle around and find a new path to maybe meet up with the escapees somewhere in the forests of glenmore.  But as he found his way towards the direction his king and harem had fled, he found the path had been blocked by barriers of fallen logs and earth, vines and trees and plants and anything else it seemed they could use. It took Lucian several hours to work his way past the obstacles, using what tendrils of magic he possessed to untangle just enough bracken and branches here and there to find a way through.

By the time he came upon a stream, he was utterly exhausted and spent of all his magical energy. Finding them now would be utterly futile. And even so, the distant muffled voices of more stubborn pursuers were beginning to reach his ears.

"Tagg!" He called out loudly, an almost desperate note clinging to the words. "Aulwyn...!" Don't leave me...

There was no reply, not that he expected one. The buck splayed his ears, his belly feeling as if it were lined in stones, heavy and cold and sickening. He had lost them. The ones that had given him hope again. That had given him reason to be happy... to dream again.
Now, it looked as if those dreams were lost and Lucian was alone. Again.
Lucian tries to catch up with the escapees of Glenmore, to no avail.
geometric-harmartia Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AWWW! LUCIAN! So sad ;-;
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