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The Day Dream Shatters Part 2
Featuring  Lucian, Drustan and all of Glenmore
The New Oak's Glade
Mid-Autumn, Year 762 of the New Age

The crowd turned upon the King who had strategically placed himself between the herd and his fawns. Lucian slicked back his ears as fawns all around him began shouting insults, damning the king, accusing him of terrible deeds. Instinctively Lucian edged towards the front of the throng as Guards loyal to the King came to act as a barrier between the rioting fawns and the steadfast king. Lucian heard Huisha call from amongst the rioters, pleaing for mercy on behalf of the fawns but there was no quelling the glenmore patrons this time. It seemed Drustan's reign had been starcrossed from the first and now the stars themselves were falling before his eyes. And lucian's too as he saw glimpses of Drustan's harem and offspring making a bee-line for the forest. And to his dismay... Ronan... Conan... Oh Tagg too! And ... oh god, of course Aulwyn would also be  with them... No! This couldn't be happening! They were deserting! They were going to leave him!
Lucian felt a pang of utter despair in his heart, it was like losing his parents all over again. But then the thought occurred to him that if they stayed now, they would be punished. maybe even killed. And this hurt his heart even more. No. He couldnt let that happen. Thrashing his head the young buck leapt up to join the line of guards protecting the king. The crowd advanced on them and Lucian pushed back as does and stags alike pressed in closer.  But the youth would not let any in his path pass, using his own body as a barrier as some attempted to pelt the king with stones and other debris. Some assaults were thwarted by one of Drustan's harem does, and then just as it seemed the crowd were going to all out attack, Fenella and Boann appeared at either side of the King, and he along with his two princesses turned tail to flee into the forest.
Lucian dared to turn and watch their perilous escape, even as he jostled against another young buck fighting to get past. His heart sank like stones in his stomach as he caught a final glimpse of Tagg and Aulwyn disappearing into the trees. finally the crowd overtook him and the guards, bounding in hot pursuit of the fugitive king. Lucian could do nothing to stop them. his magic was not strong enough and neither he nor his fellow guards could hold them at bay. He wanted to run with them. To flee with his friends and forsake this herd of titles and royalty. He ran alongside the others, wondering if maybe he could slip out of the crowd and follow after the king and his followers.
But then a most incredible display of magical prowess was thrown into their path. The entire herd was left skidding to a halt as a monsterous stag built of stone appeared in front of Drustan and his does. The golem was set upon the crowd as the king fled into the forest, and Lucian was so caught in the fray trying to avoid losing life and limb to the rioting glenmorians or the golem, that any chance of escaping with the exilees was impossible.
Lucian stands his ground so his friends can escape Glenmore with the boy king
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