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The DayDream Shatters Part 1
Featuring Lucian, Drustan and all of Glenmore
The New Oak's Glade
Mid-Autumn, Year 762 of the New Age

It was one of those mornings, so beautiful it could have been a daydream. The day had began with cooling rains broken by spells of golden warm sunshine. Lucian had recently bathed and had polished his most prized possession: The shining obsidian horn that had appeared on his brow. It was by far no crowning rack to be adored, but already in his first year of growth the small clustered nub sported five tines, four forming an 'x' with a fifth that stood straight up from the center like a spike. He'd shined it on one of the smaller oaks near the outskirts of the glade and was hoping to get a chance to show it off today to Tagg. He was nearing the end of his fourth year and was now as large as some of the adult stags in their prime. He had taken his pledge proclaiming him a full fledged Royal Guard, and was pleased with how his training under the stewardship of his superior officers was going.
After last summer's terrible encounter with the fox, he had grown new friendships amongst the colts Ronan and Conan, and most of all Tagg. And his mind often wandered back to the lovely alabaster filly he'd met spring before last. little Yn. Her splendor had thoroughly captivated the young colt and on the rare occasion he was given reason to speak to the girl, he found himself almost on the precipace of giddyness at the prospect. Though of course, he kept his calm disciplined demeanor always in her presence. After all, she was a princess and it was his duty to protect her or escort her home or whatever objective he had been assigned was. Fleeting and far between as those moments had been, the memories of her would sometimes flit into his mind as light and airy as a butterfly floating around to land upon a flower petal, only to flutter away in the next moment. But all in all, life was in a glance, good. Hell it was better than good. For the first time that he could remember since his parents had died, Lucian actually felt... happy.
But like all Daydreams, it had to come to an end. But how could he have known it was going to end like This?
He had been crossing the Glade, which had been unusually busy on this serene day. He had been lost in his own happy thoughts, oblivious to the few collective gasps that had risen around him, and then the shout finally caught his attention. Lucian stopped mid-stride, looking up to realize all eyes had turned in a singular direction. He too, turned his head to see what in Oganach had stirred the herd... and he saw them.
The two fawns, children of the Boy King, could hardly be called fawns at all. Their fur looked more akin to the trunk of the Great Oak than they did to the fine coats of their parentage! Lucian found himself catching his breath along with the others, his ears perking with rampant curiosity more than anything. Any malicious thought hadnt even occured to him until Drustan himself hurried the fawns away and... and all Hell broke loose.
Lucian Witnesses Drustan and his harem flee glenmore
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