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Lucian The Beast | Stag| Royal Guard by Howl-n-Hart Lucian The Beast | Stag| Royal Guard by Howl-n-Hart
Name: Lucian
Name Meaning: Light, or 'Of the Light'

Nickname(s): Beastie (child), Beast, The Beast (adult)
Gender: Stag
Age: 9 years
Year of Birth: y757 of the New Age
Height: 12 hh
Build:  medium-Heavy 
former bio:

Lucian - Colt - Cadet by Howl-n-Hart on DeviantArt

Reference: #2 here- Festive Fawnling Designs 2014: Batch 32
Phenotype: Blue Roan Grey Restricted Smoky Fawn
Genotype: EE/aa/RnRn/nG/fwsfws/nrz

Eye Colour: Brown
Sire: Gideon, Royal Officer (NPC assumed deceased)
Genotype: EE/aa/RnRN/fwsfws/
Dam: Lady Alyssa, Royal Doe (NPC Deceased in childbirth)
Genotype: EE/aa/nRn/nG/fwsfws/nrz

Bloodline: 100% Glenmore 
Magic Type: Earth Magick!

Herd Information

Skill Points

Skill Points

Speed: 4 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 16 [Medium Level]
Strength: 22 [Advanced Level]

Magic: 10 [Medium Level]
Herbs: 2 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+1 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+5 strength - base bonus
+1 speed - starter bonus
+2 stamina - starter bonus
+2 strength - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+2 herbs - starter bonus

Herd: Glenmore

Herd Position: guard

Mate(s): None yet.

Prince Conan

Current Location: Glenwood
Voice Claim: Vin Diesel - [link]


Year 759 NA
Do You Got grit?
+1 Strength  - art - Do you Got Grit?
+2 Strength - lit - 1000-1999 words - Do you Got Grit, Beastie?
+2 Strength - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level

Some Goodbyes are forever
+1 Speed- lit - 400-999 words - Some Goodbyes are forever

Got to Stay Strong
+2 Stamina - lit - 1000-1999 words - Got to Stay Strong

Year 760 NA
Testing and teaching a Cadet
+1 speed - art - Testing and teaching a Cadet
+3 strength - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Testing and Teaching a Cadet
+2 stamina - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level

Year 761
The Fawntastic Four
The Fawntastic four
+ 4 Strength- collab
+ 1 Stamina- fight with hostile character

Beauty and The Buck Pt. 1
+3 Magic - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Beauty and The Buck Pt. 1
+1 Magic - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling

Beauty and The Buck Pt. 2
+3 strength - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Beauty and The Buck Pt. 2
+1 stamina - practicing/sparring/fighting with another Fawnling

Year 762 NA

The Daydream Shatters Pt.1
+2 Stamina - collab lit - 400-999 words - The Daydream Shatters

The Daydream Shatters pt 2
+2 Stamina - collab lit - 400-999 words - The Daydream Shatters Pt. 2

The Daydream Shatters pt. 3
+2 Magic - collab lit - 400-999 words - The Daydream Shatters Pt.3


Personality: As a child, Lucian will always feel the pressure to bring honor to his Family. He will be a bold colt, but a bit on the silent side. He'll also have a knack for getting into mischief with other colts his age. As a youth, and without his parents guidance, he will become a bit of a renegade. He loves a good adventure. He will also battle with lonliness, and the constant heart ache of losing his beloved mother and not having his father as a role model and teacher. From this yearning will grow Lucian's strong need to fill a role as a protector and provider. 

As an adult, Lucian always bring to completion anything he starts. He is mysterious, and still maintains that strong silent type. He is generous but likes to see returns from his giving.  He has an executive ability, and has the ability to become a natural leader if the chance to do so should ever arise. He is moral, balanced, honest and intellectual, but he will still have that bit of a Wild Card side to him. He'll have a kind of reputation as a 'bad boy', but really he's never done anything quite crazy enough to warrant him this reputation (at least he doesn't think so.) He is wise and practical with an appreciation of beauty. He always thinks before he acts. Emergencies raise his intuitive abilities in order to resolve conflict or situations. He becomes very creative under the pressure, and has quite original ideas to make the best out of it.

Lucian finds the best contentment in life when he can protect his home and provide well for his family and loved ones. He has a great sense of responsibility and duty. He is comforting, appreciative and affectionate. His obligation in life is to hold justice and truth, and he takes Honor very seriously.

Appearance: Lucian will eventually grow to be a massive stag. Even as a colt, he is large, almost freakishly so. Taller by nearly a head for most colts his age, with stocky shoulders and a wide, robust chest that tapers into a much more stream-lined torso. His legs are also thick and very long, and he will be rather sure-footed. He will not be exceptionally fast due to his size, but he will grow into quite the powerhouse, with endurance to last him for days on end. The early appearance of feathering in his youth, coupled with his size have earned him the nickname 'beastie' by his father and friends. The nickname has stuck with him ever since, and as an adult will become his title of 'The Beast'. Feathering will be present on his chin and chest and elbows and hocks. His mane with start out long and thick near the back of his skull, giving the deceptive appearance of a forelock, but at the upper arc of his neck it will become shorter and thicker, standing in a mohawk with a constantly dissheveled appearance, as it reaches his withers it will grow into a long tail which will travel the length of his back to be bound into the base of his tail by leather cording. This mane will seem to have a mind of it's own. His tail is long, with feathering display along both the top and bottom in a beautifully feathered splay. In essence, he's a rather shaggy looking beast! But he wears it well, and there is a certain rugged charm to his looks. By the time he reaches the middle of his prime, he will be built much like a bull moose.

When he comes of age, his antlers will grow to gargantuan proportions, reminiscent of the extinct Irish Elk, they are wide and broadly splayed, towering over his head and back, only further giving him a very fearsome and intimidating look. It feeds into his nickname 'Beast' well.

History: Lucian was born to a Royal couple, a royal guard named Gideon, and Lady Alyssa. Lord Gideon served as a Royal Officer for several years, and Lady Alyssa was an upstanding member of Glenmore's social elite. Lucian adored his father and has always harbored the dreams of becoming a respected member of the Glenmore military just like his father. When Lucian was only two years of age, just after the season of Rut, his father was on patrol when he and his fellow guard were ambushed by a group of Raiders. The Guard returned to Glenmore, and claims that Gideon was either killed or taken hostage by the raiders. Lady Alyssa and Lucian waited many days, hoping perhaps Gideon would emerge... but Lucian's father has never returned to the Great Oak. Lady Alyssa became horribly depressed after the loss of her Great love. She began ignoring her duties and refusing to eat. Throughout the winter her health deteriorated, even when she began showing signs of pregnancy- what would have been Gideon's next child. The following spring, just after Lucian's third birthday, his mother went into labor with what would have been his baby sister. But something went horribly awry during the birthing process. His mother lost too much blood, and the baby was turned the wrong direction. Lady Alyssa's weakness finally took it's toll, and her body gave out. Neither she nor Lucian's little sister survived, and Lucian quite suddenly found himself very much alone.

Being the final heir to his family line, Lucian refused to let depression get the better of him as it had done his mother... being the age of three, and knowing he had nowhere else to go, he went to the Glenmorian Army to be recruited as a Cadet, and train to become a Royal Guard, or even perhaps the Crown Guard someday, and bring Honor to his family's legacy.

Lucian (c) :iconhowl-n-hart:
Face lines (in corner) (c) :icontigressdesign:
Fawnlings (c) :iconehetere:

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Hehe, Thank you!! Yasss he will be pretty epic if all goes well!
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