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Featuring Aulwyn and Lucian (Beastie)
Summer, Year 761 NA
Glenwood, Glenmore


Aulwyn giggled. Despite his rough way of talking, he was very nice, and he may have a harsh ‘outside’, he clearly had a good ‘inside’. “Thank you.” She thanked him for the compliment. She didn’t get that many.

He showed her the way to the forest. She was first confused where he was going, but soon, she found herself in front of a tree! A magnolia tree! “You found one!” She cheered. “How did you find it?” She spoke very excited. She wasn’t all that good with magic … and hadn’t even noticed he used it to find this tree.

He even picked one of it’s few flowers, letting her smell it, and even look at the bugs inside! It had some tiny bugs, but once he spoke … she was a little flushed, lost her train of thought. So did he, apparently.

Yn hadn’t really been thinking about love, at all. She was of course on the brink of becoming a hind, rather than a filly .. but she never stopped to think about it. She realized she felt very flattered. She giggled, feeling more and more comfortable with him. She was not at all ready for something like deeper love, but for a little crush perhaps … Maybe she was? She wasn’t sure. “Thank you.” Her baby-blue eyes didn’t seem to know where to look … and found the Magnolia tree again. She started to look at the bug live, looked at Lucian, and back at the tree, giggling once more. Very softly, she spoke again: “Did you know the Magnolia tree is good against spirits that makes fungals grow? It’s one of the ingredients in anti-fungal mixtures.”

Herb lore, really? She thought to herself.


Beastie gave a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders, downplaying how happy he was at finding the tree for her, even as he danced with giddiness at the small victory. He was still getting a feel for his abilities. “I… I just ‘felt’ for it.” He said in way of explanation. “Canna say I got ‘hold o’ this magic bus’ness jus’ yet, but if I concentrate hard ‘nough I can do small things.” He grinned, obviously proud to have been of service to the little filly.

As he offered her the small vanilla colored bloom and his words came tumbling out, he glanced away and cleared his throat as that awkward feeling took hold of him again. Who was he to pay such a fine creature such compliments? Not that he could help it really, who could around such a sweet, kind doe-ling?  Lucian was not a colt quite old enough to harbor thoughts of romance just yet; Hell, he was only now beginning to gain an interest in the rut- though more for the physical sport of sparring than anything else. Girls just seemed so foreign to him. Lovely sparkling creatures as if from another planet. Something to look at and admire from afar but not something to be touched. This little filly was in truth was the first he’d ever held a real conversation with. Love was as mysterious as the darkside of the moon. At least as pertaining to himself of course. For him, romance was like the tragic love-story of his parents. His father’s devotion as a parent and mate, as well as his mother’s unyielding admiration… her loyalty even in grief over her mate’s death, until she too followed him to the grave. Star-crossed. Bittersweet. Like a story. A fairytale, that is what it was… and something not yet recognized as a realm of possibility for him in his young mind.

But this shy, gentile creature who shimmered in the noon-day sun like fresh fallen snow- she seemed very real at the moment. And definitely gave his stomach a strange tickling feeling when she giggled. It was good feeling. A little thrilling, and nothing less than wonderful. Yes, he supposed he could admit to himself at least that he was a little struck by her.

His dark chocolate eyes found her gaze and held them captive for only a moment, enthralled by their limitless cerulean depth, before she glanced away to the flower he held for her and giggled again. He smiled, enjoying the sound of her voice as she spoke of the plant’s medicinal uses. “Really?” He asked, “I had no idea… I doona ‘ave much talent for ‘erbs yet. I’ve not found anyone to teach me since m’ mum die--- er… since she passed on.”  His eyes turned somber a moment at the memory of his mother, but quickly made the expression flee as he shook himself.

Reaching towards the top of her head, which was not difficult considering he was so tall and she so petite, he entwined the bloom into a strand of her mane just behind her ear, then pulled back to regard his handiwork. With a satisfied nod and a soft smirk, he turned back to the tree, pondering how they might carry the blooms back for her. “This tree is still young yet, only a saplin’. Mayhap I could dig ‘er loose an’ carry ‘er back t’ yer glen fer ye, miss?”


Aulwyn’s breath stalked for a moment as the large colt spoke of his mother. “I am terribly sorry for your loss ..” She could not imagine losing her own mother. How horrible must he feel?

He quickly moved on, giving her a flower. It was a very kind gesture, even though it made her feel unworthy of his presence. She blushed. He looked at the tree, and said something that surprised her.

“Dig it loose? I could not ask you to do so! You’ve already done so much, gentle guard.” She replied, with a gentle tone.


"T'would be no trouble at all, little miss" He said with a subtle shrug of his broad shoulders. In truth, it was a pretty big undertaking, but nothing the large beastly colt could not handle. Besides, this would give the girl something to remember him by, and he found he wanted her to remember.

So he started circling the tree, digging and clawing at the earth around its roots until the vast majority of them were exposed. It took some time, but he was already disciplined in efficiency from his military training. Using his spike tines, the colt gently clipped free the outer perimeter of the root system. Trying to be as gentle with the tree as possible. Then, he braced his head and shoulder against the trunk of the sapling, and pushed with all his brawn.

The sapling groaned and shuddered, resisting at first before slowly, inch by inch it began to uproot and lean, pulling free of the soil. Before it could fall however, the colt maneuvered beneath it, hooking his tines into a small knothole in the trunk. Its branches framed and straddled his back as its trunk followed the line of his spine. His long tail coiled around the base of the trunk to tether and hold it in place. He looked to the doe and grinned.

"See? Nothin' to it. Lead the way, Yn. "

On their way to her glen they were mainly quiet as it took a lot of his energy and strength to carry the sapling. But as they came to her glen he smiled at her, "y'know... I do be needin' some lessons in herblore... Would a lady such as yerself be willin' to teach a fellow like me?"

Ok, so he was pretty much coming up with an excuse to see her again. But he knew he wanted to see her, and anything less might be seen as inappropriate.


The pale filly was surprised when he claimed it wasn’t any trouble at all. He immediately circled the tree, finding the best spot in order to pull it out.  He dug out quite some earth, but he did a good and fast job. Some of the earth splat around, but Yn wasn’t paying attention to that. With some effort, the roan colt pulled the tiny tree out of the ground. “Ow!” She was impressed by his strength.

As the tree hung over his shoulder, he proudly looked at her. With the tree on his shoulder, he got ready to move on. He asked her to lead the way, and Aulwyn was rather shy but .. yea, this would be perfect.

“Would you mind bringing it to my father’s den?” It WAS further down then her mother’s old den. Suddenly, he started asking about teaching him herblore. She fluttered her eyelashes. “I-I’d love to.” She said, without looking at him. She smiled, wanting to talk, but unsure what to say. What was appropriate?


Lucian smiled, following the girl without thought, handling the tree with care the whole time despite the fact that by the time they reached her father's den (unbeknownst to him), he was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. When finally they arrived, he set down the small sapling, glancing down at the filly with a fond smile.

"I'd like that very much as well, Miss" his thick brogue spoke gently. "Though I fear I mus' be headin' back t' my duties now... I will come visit ye' agin. For them ''erb lessons of course." he adds the last bit quickly as if in afterthought, bowing his head with a flourish. "Thank ye', fer addin' some sunshine to my day."


The pale hind looked at the tall stag leave as they said goodbyes. Perhaps one day she’d meet him again? But he was a guard, under her status.. Sometimes, she wished her father wasn’t her father so badly..
Featuring Aulwyn and Lucian (Beastie)
Summer, Year 761 NA
Glenwood, Glenmore

Lucian Word Count: 1011
Aulwyn Word Count: 586

Aulwyn (c) :iconnixxyi:
Lucian (c) :iconhowl-n-hart:
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